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Fiber Air Cooler,Tent Cooler Manufacturer and Supplier in Jaipur

We "Aditya Fiber offer an extensive range of Fiber Air Cooler in Jaipur like Air Washer, Room cooler, Desert Cooler, Tent Cooler, Industrial Cooler and Commercial fiber cooler. These Fiber coolers are much durable and attractive air coolers. The great thing is that these Fiberglass Air Cooler in Jaipur are offered to the customers at quite competitive and affordable prices.

Best Fiberglass Air Cooler, Tent Cooler and Fiber Desert Cooler Seller in Jaipur

'There are various benefits of using the Fiber Air cooler apart from being durable and rust free. Great thing is that you can use these coolers for indoor purpose and also for outdoor purpose. It helps in proper cooling of the area.'

Movable Evaporative Air Coolers. Cooling Tower working principle or technique is improved to lower temperature by water evaporation & heat absorption through cooling pads , Temperature are reduced by 7 to 10° C from natural weather temperature.

Features of fiberglass Desert Cooler!

1.The Fiberglass Desert Cooler in jaipur offers wonderful cooling
2. The Fiberglass coolers are absolutely noiseless.
3. They are resistant to Rust, Heat and Shock
4. They attract low consumption of Electricity
5. It offers perfect four way flow of air
6. The Fiber glass cooler contains wood wool which helps in better cooling
7. They are easy to clean and to maintain
8. Great thing is that they are energy efficient and quite eco friendly
9. The Cooler has castor wheel for Multidirectional
10. It also has a wonderful water capacity

So, if you are looking to buy Fiber Air Cooler in Jaipur, we assure you to provide a wonderful product with effective performance

Our coolers are tested for best efficiency & safety for direct installations at any major standard locations. We are committed to deliver best products, after sales services at best value for money for our esteem customers.

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